Google ramps up security measures for improved online safety

Google Ramps Up security to protect users

So it is evident that Google takes its users’ security and privacy very seriously and strives to give you peace of mind online.

We all understand that the internet can be an insecure space. Malicious websites, data breaches and manipulative images pose risks to our personal information being exposed by unscrupulous actors online. Google has taken steps to safeguard users with new security features in their Chrome browser to protect its users.

Google recently unveiled several measures designed to keep users safer online, such as expanding privacy controls and dark web scans for Gmail in the US. A dark web scan will become available soon and notify all Gmail users if their Gmail ID appears anywhere on the dark web.

Android 14 will bring with it updated privacy controls, such as being able to approve or decline app requests to track your location and easily clear recent searches in Google Maps. Users also have the ability to request that their data or account be deleted via the new “Data deletion” section in the Google Play Data safety section.

Google is also unveiling a new feature called “About This Image” designed to provide more context around images you encounter online. This tool will investigate where first seen on the web and whether or not they’re authentic or altered. Lastly, they have updated their Safe Browsing API with enhanced detection capability in order to warn users if they visit malicious websites that could pose threats.

Google is working tirelessly to ensure its users can browse the Internet with confidence that their personal information won’t be compromised while online. Their new security features demonstrate this dedication, helping us feel safe when browsing.


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