iPhone apps missing After Update? Here’s how to restore them

Easy steps to recover lost iPhone apps in 2023

In this article we’re discussing an issue you might be encountering after an iOS update: missing apps on your iPhone Home Screen. Here we will outline steps you can take to restore them – so let’s dive in!

Accidentally losing apps after iOS updates is one of the most frustrating issues to arise. After spending hours downloading what would seem to be ideal apps, only for them suddenly to vanish after an upgrade has taken place is both disappointing and irritating.

Modern technology has provided us with the means to restore all app back onto an iPhone quickly, even after an iOS update has taken place. There are some simple steps you can take to quickly recover disappeared apps so, if you are searching for how to get back disappeared apps on an iPhone after an update has taken place then read on!

Fix disappeared Apps on iPhone after Update

Step 1: Scan App Store and iCloud for Available Content.

As the first step of discovering missing apps, check the App Store and iCloud.

Apple’s cloud storage service, iCloud, can be an effective tool in finding missing apps. If you have previously backed up apps to the iCloud storage, simply visit the App Store and select “Restore Purchases.” From there you will see all your saved purchases which include those stored in iCloud – find what is missing and download it onto your device!

If the app you need to redownload isn’t in iCloud, or has never been backed up to it before, check the App Store instead. Simply search for it there to download again just like you would do to recover deleted photos on iOS.

Step 2: Check Purchases that are Not Installed

Step two of recovering a missing app is checking Not-Installed Purchases. Not-Installed Purchases refers to apps you have purchased but have yet to download; this can often cause them to suddenly vanish after an iOS update as they need to be downloaded again after. To access Not-Installed Purchases, navigate directly to the App Store and select “Not-Installed Purchases”, from here you can select your app of choice and install it directly from here.

Step 3: Adopt System Maintenance Strategies

Step three of recovering your lost apps is system maintenance. This more technical approach involves running command line interface commands to search for missing applications; if that doesn’t work, try using system programs which scan for such missing items.

Step Four: Restoring Backup

Restoring from a backup is the final option to get your apps back. As this step should only ever be used as an extreme last resort, first back up all apps and settings onto a computer before using its restore option to recover apps on your device.


We have just gone through several steps to recover vanished apps from an iPhone after an iOS update. By checking both App Store and iCloud, viewing Not-Installed Purchases, using System Maintenance or restoring from backup, recovering your apps can easily be accomplished! As we saw earlier, retrieving vanished apps needn’t be difficult!


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