Fugetek 51″ Professional Selfie Stick Tripod, 100% All Aluminum Stick & Legs, Lightweight, Detachable Bluetooth Remote, Portable All in One, Compatible with iPhone & Android, Non Skid Feet, Black Review

Are you in search of the ideal selfie stick for an upcoming evening out with friends or a family photoshoot? Look no further than Noot Products’ Extendable Tripod Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote! It provides two functions in one package; an extendable aluminum tripod as well as an expandable selfie stick! Perfect for any event!

Premium Quality and Construction

This Extendable Tripod Selfie Stick features premium-quality aluminum pole construction and non-slip rubber handle construction for superior shooting capabilities. At the top of its handle is a mounting point for Bluetooth Remote control for optimal control during shooting processes; its comfortable rubber grip ensures a steady, secure grip despite when perspectives may shift rapidly while its sturdy aluminum design provides sturdy support during trips or stays abroad.

Extendable Telescopic Length

The Extendable Tripod Selfie Stick stands out from other selfie sticks by its ability to quickly retract into an easily manageable size when not in use and extend out to 51-inches for faraway shots at comfortable distances. With easy click locks making switching between standard- and extended-lengths effortless so your efforts can remain focused on taking perfect pictures!

Removable Bluetooth Remote

The Extendable Tripod Selfie Stick features an upgraded Bluetooth Remote designed specifically for 2022 use, capable of controlling devices up to 100 feet away – an industry first. Pairing takes only seconds and operates with one simple button press; compatible with both iPhone and Android phones alike with up to three years and 100,000 presses of lifespan endurance! Plus it conveniently mounts within its handle so it cannot get misplaced easily like similar remotes found elsewhere!

Benefits of Tripod Mode

The Extendable Tripod Selfie Stick provides more than great selfies; its tripod mode also serves as a sturdy mount and space-saving alternative to bulky tripods, enabling users to switch between its two-in-one modes for maximum convenience and flexibility. It features extendable legs with non-skid feet for secure gripping on any surface to capture shots with maximum stability – plus you can take pictures even when not physically nearing it with its remote button!

An Ideal Present For All Age Groups

The Extendable Tripod Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote is the perfect present for everyone of every age group – no matter the device type! Users will enjoy an amazingly comprehensive package suitable for selfies and stabilizer photography! A must-have item at any adventure or gathering!

Enjoy the best of both worlds in one compact package with the Extendable Tripod Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote! Crafted from genuine aluminum material with a secure rubber handle, this two-in-one product provides great selfies from 51″ away and extended tripod mode for balanced and steady shots. Compatible with iPhone and Android, its Bluetooth Remote upgrades for 2022 use ensure it never goes missing – this gift for any age will ensure no missed moments are ever missed again!


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