Voice Memos Disappeared after iOS Update? Here is the Solution

Voice Memos Disappeared after iOS Update? Here is the Solution

If you have recently updated your iOS device and noticed some of your voice memos have vanished after an iOS update, you may be left scratching your head wondering why. New features or security settings could have possibly wiped them away; fortunately there are ways to recover them; read this article to discover why voice memos have vanished, how you can recover vanished Voice memos on iOS, and prevent this from happening in future updates.

Causes of Voice Memos Disappeared after iOS Update

  • Altering Settings: If you change your security settings, any voice memos created prior to these new rules won’t be recognized by them and will thus be lost.
  • Installing Third Party Apps: Introducing third-party applications can have adverse effects on existing files on the device and stored voice memos; potentially leading to accidental removal.
  • Buggy Updates: Depending on the device and version of iOS being used, certain updates could contain bugs that cause files to be corrupted and cause you to lose important documents.

Recover Missing Voice Memos After an iOS Update

If you recently faced the issue of voice memos disappeared after iOS Update, follow the below given instructions to recover the missing Voice memos on iOS.

  1. Check Recently Deleted Folder: By opening up the Voice Memos folder and browsing to its “Recently Deleted” list, it may be easy to locate deleted memos and restore them back into their respective folder.
  2. Consider iCloud: If you have already backed up to iCloud, lost voice memos may be recoverable from it; if not, they may never come back to life.
  3. Look to Third-Party Recovery Tools: Third-party apps can provide the assistance necessary for recovering any voice memos lost after updating iOS. Though there have been reports of successful recovery using such apps, ensure to research which app best matches your device and iOS version before making your selection.

Prevent Voice Memos From Disappearing After An iOS Update

  • Back Up Regularly: By regularly backing up your iOS Device using iCloud, it will ensure that any files including voice memos can be recovered in case of accidental deletion.
  • Avoid Third-Party Apps: Although certain third-party software has been reported as helping restore files after updates, it’s wise to avoid installing any third-party applications as these can often create additional issues and lead to files being accidentally lost.
  • Update iOS Device Carefully: When updating an iOS device, make sure that any new updates are carefully researched in order to understand any potential security features or bugs that could cause you to lose files.


Losing precious voice memos due to an iOS update can be devastatingly disappointing. Luckily, they’re usually recoverable and there are ways you can ensure this doesn’t happen again in the future – regular backups with iCloud backup, staying away from any third-party applications, and researching each update before installing will all help ensure you won’t lose any files in future updates. We hope that our guide helped you to solve the Voice Memos Disappeared after iOS Update Error.


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