How to Fix Videos Missing after iOS 15 Update – Step By Step Guide

How to Fix Videos Missing after iOS 15 Update - Step By Step Guide

Have you been experiencing video loss issues following iOS 15 update on your iPhone or iPad? If that’s the case, this article provides two methods to recover lost videos on iPhone/iPad after upgrading to iOS 15.

For your better understanding, here are two effective solutions to recover missing videos after iOS 15 update – easy to understand steps are included for each method. So if you want to recover videos on your iPhone/iPad after updating to iOS 15, here are two powerful approaches. Read the article completely and then start performing it on your iPhone.

Recover Missing Videos After Installing iOS 15 Update

Method 1: Recover Videos From Backup

If your iPhone/iPad was backed up before iOS 15 update using either iCloud or iTunes, videos that were lost due to that update should still be accessible from that backup – but be mindful that both options have their own individual limitations. And if you are facing error in updating to iOS 16, read our tutorial on how to fix iPad not updating to iOS 16 in 2023.

Steps for Restoring from iCloud

Step 1: On your iPhone or iPad, access Settings > General and scroll down to Reset > Erase All Contents and Settings before wiping your iPhone/iPad clean.

Step 2: Once your phone is setup, navigate to the “App & Data” screen. From here select Restore from iCloud backup and find your backup with your videos that need recovering.

Steps Restoring from iTunes

Step 1: plug your iPhone into any Mac/PC running iTunes;

Step 2: then click your phone at the left top corner.

Step 3: From the Backups section, choose Restore Backup.

Step 4: Review and select your original backup created before iOS updates were made; or if it hasn’t been done lately, pick the most recent backup before clicking “Restore.”

Method 2: Recover Missing Videos From iPhone After iOS Update without Backup

Even if you did not create a backup, don’t fret; an external data recovery solution such as PhoneRescue for iOS may still allow you to recover missing videos from your iPhone after an update.

Step 1: Download and install PhoneRescue for iOS on your computer, then run it > Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer > Select Recover from iOS Device on the interface of PhoneRescue for iOS

Step 2: Check the “Photo Videos and Videos” then click OK.

Step 3: All your videos would be shown, including any lost ones. Select those you would like to recover by selecting their box then clicking the To Computer button for storage on your computer – they can then be transferred from there!


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