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Screenshot Not Working on iPhone/iPad

Apple devices are an incredibly popular worldwide, yet their dexterity comes with some minor glitches that may arise. A common issue among iPhones and iPads is being unable to take screenshots. This guide offers a comprehensive solution for troubleshooting and solving this problem of Screenshot not working on iPhone/iPad in 2023.

Understanding Why Screenshots Does Not Work on iPhone

Have you ever tried taking a screenshot on an Apple device before and failed? It can be extremely frustrating, so in order to fix it effectively it’s essential that you understand why it doesn’t work in the first place.

When your iPhone or iPad screenshot isn’t working as intended, the cause could be either software (for instance iOS updates or corrupted apps) or hardware issues – either when damaged devices become dysfunctional due to not working of buttons, or both factors combined together.

Software issues often lead to screenshots not working on Apple devices; fortunately there are numerous solutions that can be employed to troubleshoot and resolve this problem.

Restarting is usually the easiest solution, as sometimes just restarting can help to revive and correct any glitches in the process.

One solution could be updating or reinstalling iOS if necessary; this can ensure your device has access to the most up-to-date software and may resolve the problem altogether.

Final step when taking screenshots: it is helpful to verify what combination of keys was used to take the shot. On an iPad, this would typically include Sleep/Wake and Home buttons while for iPhone users this would typically involve Sleep/Wake and Volume Up buttons.

Hardware Issues

Hardware issues could also be the source of screenshot not working on an Apple device. If your device has been dropped or damaged, check that all necessary parts for taking screenshots, including buttons and sensors, are working as intended before trying again to take a screenshot.

Checking buttons for dust accumulation and dirt build-up can be useful to ensuring they work effectively, so a soft, clean cloth should often be sufficient in ensuring they remain in their working state.

If the keys become damaged or stuck, in rare instances it may be necessary to take your device into an Apple Shop for repair.

Evaluating Storage Units

Low internal storage on an iPhone/iPad could also be responsible for its screenshot not functioning correctly, which could prevent screenshots from taking or appearing if taken. Therefore, it is vital that sufficient room is allocated on the device.

If this is not possible, deleting some data or applications installed on the device could free up space for screenshots to be taken and stored.

Resetting Device

If none of the methods have worked to restore screenshots to their functionality, resetting may be necessary to fix unable to take screenshots on iPhone issue.. Prior to any reset being undertaken it is vital that any valuable data is backed up as this process will destroy it during its entirety.

Resetting an Apple device is an easy and straightforward process that requires limited technical knowledge. Simply access the settings menu, choose General and Reset – from there, choose to reset all or part of your device in order to delete any applications or data stored therein.


Being able to take screenshots on your iPhone or iPad can be invaluable, yet when it stops working it can be frustrating. Luckily, though, troubleshooting and solving this issue often is relatively straightforward; in cases of hardware damage it might require taking your device into an Apple Store for repair; otherwise you might consider backing up any valuable data and restoring to factory settings as a possible solution.


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