Instantly Fix Screen Time Not Working on iPhone/iPad Issue – 2023

Instantly Fix Screen Time Not Working on iPhone/iPad Issue - 2023

Parents often rely on Apple’s parental control features in order to keep their children’s online activities safe and secure. iOS-based Screen Time provides a fantastic way of controlling children’s screen time by setting time limits for specific apps or games; however, users have reported issues with it not working correctly on their devices. If you are also facing the Screen Time not working error on iPad or iPhone, Follow the solutions provided in this article.

Examining Screen Time Concerns

Screen Time, released by Apple in 2018, allows parents to set restrictions on their child’s screen time. As part of Apple’s efforts to help parents monitor and limit children’s digital activities, this app can be activated through the Settings menu to monitor and limit device activity – such as the number of times an app may be used or time constraints on its usage – it also has features which prevent kids from running certain applications or disabling certain features.

Why Won’t Screen Time Work?

Unfortunately, some users experience issues with Screen Time’s functionality. Reasons may include software and hardware problems, weak or slow internet connections and device compatibility issues; frequent complaints about Screen Time include its message popping up too frequently or failing to activate or block apps and features properly.

How Can I Fix Screen Time Not Working on iPhone/iPad?

Here are some key strategies for troubleshooting Screen Time issues on iPhone:

Updating Software

Make sure that you are running the most up-to-date version of iOS. Apple regularly releases software updates which enhance existing features and address known bugs or issues.

Check Internet Connection

Screen Time requires an internet connection in order to function. If this connection becomes slow or weak, Screen Time could become unresponsive, or fail to execute certain commands as planned.

Reset Screen Time Password

If you are having difficulty with accessing your Screen Time in iPhone, resetting its password could be the solution. To do this, navigate to the Settings app and then Screen Time before tapping “Change Screen Time Password”. Enter in your new password before tapping on “Save Changes”.

Adjust Your Restrictions

If your Screen Time settings aren’t functioning as intended, you may need to tweak their restrictions. To do so, navigate to Settings > Screen Time and tap “Turn On Screen Time” From here you can select what content or apps should be restricted or limited.

Reach Out to Apple Support

If all previous steps fail to resolve the problem with Screen Time not functioning as desired, reach out to Apple’s team of experts who should be able to identify and address any potential issues with its functioning.


Screen Time can be very annoying when it isn’t functioning as promised, but these simple troubleshooting tips will fix screentime not working issue on iPhone or iPad and get it back up and run smoothly again in no time. Make sure your device is running the latest iOS version, internet connectivity is strong, your password has not been reset, restrictions have been configured correctly and contacted Apple Support (if necessary) should any issues arise with Screen Time not functioning as expected. By following these tips you should have any issues related to Screen Time not functioning resolved swiftly!


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