Unlock Your Inbox: Fixing iPhone Email Not Updating Error [Solved]

Fix iPhone Email Not Updating error easily

We know it can be frustrating and disconcerting when you get Email not updating error on your iPhone. But this issue can easily be remedied with just a few easy steps; in this article we’ll go through them all so you can quickly resolve this problem with no further ado. Plus you can check if there are any settings that need changing so your emails load properly too in future.

What Are the Causes of iPhone Email Not Updating Issue?

Before we discuss how to resolve it, it is crucial that we understand exactly why email updates on an iPhone fail. Some of the most common causes for this error are:

1. Misconfigured Email Settings: A common cause of iPhone email not updating is incorrect settings in your email program. Among the items to ensure mail will be delivered and received correctly are: address, password, port number and encryption setting.

2. Server Maintenance: If you can’t connect to the server, check whether any maintenance or updates are taking place which could also be contributing to this problem.

3. Network Problems: If your network connection is weak or nonexistent or your internet speed is slow, this could be the source of your troubles.

4. Outdated Software: If your phone is running an outdated version of iOS, this could also contribute to email not updating issues.

Now That We Understand the Root Cause, Let’s Fix iPhone Email Not Updating Error. Luckily, these steps should be straightforward and can easily be completed by anyone; simply follow them to get your emails updating again properly.

Step 1: Check Email Settings
The first step towards solving an email-related problem should be checking its settings to make sure everything is accurate. Double check all details such as email address, password, port number and encryption setting to make sure everything has been entered properly.

Step 2: Restart Phone
Once all settings have been verified as correct, the next step should be restarting your phone in order to see if that addresses any potential issues. Simply hold down the power button until a “slide to power off” bar appears and then slide to turn it off. Upon shutting it off, press and hold until an Apple logo appears and switch back on – once this step has completed successfully your phone should have no further issues!

Step 3: Verify Network Connection
If restarting the phone didn’t solve the problem, the next step should be ensuring you are located in an area with strong and reliable network coverage. If not, move to a better area with greater connectivity before repeating these steps.

Step 4: Update iOS If the problem still persists, ensure your phone is running the most up-to-date version of iOS as outdated software can also lead to email not updating issues. To update, head into Settings app > General >> Software Update and tap “Download and Install”. If an update is available, tap on it then tap on “Download and Install”.

Step 5: Assess Server
If all else fails, your issue could be caused by the server itself. If maintenance or another issue are occurring on the server itself, connecting to it and having email updates not occur as expected may not be possible. To check on it and potentially address these issues head on, visit its website to see if there are updates or maintenance notices; if so, get in contact with their support for more details on when this may be resolved.


Our hope is that this article has provided clarity about how to fix an iPhone email not updating error quickly and easily. Though the problem can be frustrating and confusing, resetting all your email settings, restarting your phone, ensuring you have strong network connectivity, updating iOS and checking the server should do the trick – however if one or more of these steps doesn’t do the trick reach out for additional support or contact your server support team for additional help if required.


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