iPhone CarPlay Not Working After An Update? Here Are Solutions

fix carplay error after update

With Apple’s release of iOS 14.5 comes user reports of problems with CarPlay in their car. Many reported it not working at all or functioning incorrectly despite having updated to iOS 14.5. These reports stemmed from several different car models running the latest software version.

If your iPhone CarPlay hasn’t been functioning as expected after updating, check out our ultimate guide for solutions to solve the issue.

What Is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is a feature developed by Apple that enables drivers to access an array of applications and features on their iPhone while driving. It mirrors its display onto your car’s infotainment system, giving access to streaming music, making calls, sending texts messages, using navigation apps and more on an entirely mirrored iPhone experience!

Access CarPlay by connecting your iPhone via USB cable to any vehicle equipped with an infotainment system compatible with it. CarPlay works on all iPhone models released since 2012 and works in any car that supports this feature.

CarPlay can keep you connected while also helping reduce distraction risks while driving, keeping you informed and safe on the road.

Why Does My iPhone CarPlay Not Work?

There could be various reasons for why iPhone CarPlay may not be functioning as intended, including software conflicts, hardware problems, outdated drivers or faulty cables – among many other possible causes.

To resolve an issue with CarPlay not working properly, you must identify its cause. Below we have provided common reasons and solutions for why this occurs and steps to address these concerns.

Software or Hardware Conflict?

If you have recently updated your iPhone, there may be an incompatibility between software or hardware preventing CarPlay from functioning as intended. To fix this, review your settings to make sure all relevant components are up to date and ensure all necessary updates have been applied.

To do so, it’s essential that both your car infotainment system and phone are compatible and both using the latest software updates. Furthermore, double check that Bluetooth functionality has been enabled on both systems.

Outdated Drivers

Outdated drivers can prevent CarPlay from functioning. To address this issue, check for updated drivers and ensure all relevant components are up to date. If you need help in doing this, reach out to your car manufacturer to see if there are any new versions for your specific model available.

Faulty Cables

When connecting an iPhone to your car for CarPlay via USB cable, there’s always the risk that its cable could be defective. To check if this is indeed the case, connect another cable and see if that helps resolve your issues; if not, try switching ports or even cars until something works better for you.

Once all drivers and hardware have been updated, and you’ve verified the settings on your iPhone, the next step should be checking its settings. Open up the iPhone Settings app and locate “CarPlay.” If it is deactivated it may be the root cause of your issue.

Make sure there are no restrictions preventing CarPlay from functioning, such as when the “do not disturb while driving” feature is active – this will prevent it from working while driving.

Reboot Your iPhone

If none of these steps have solved the issue with your iPhone, try rebooting it. To do this, press and hold down the power button until the “Slide to Power Off” option appears; slide to power off before waiting a few seconds to restart it back up again.

Once your iPhone has been rebooted, open up CarPlay again and check whether the issue has been addressed.

How to Reset Your Car’s Infotainment System

CarPlay issues may be caused by a corrupted infotainment system. To fix this, reset your car’s infotainment system based on its make and model – this may involve making adjustments such as installing software updates.


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