How to Find Old Phone Numbers on iPhone & Android Phone

How to Find Any Old Phone Numbers on iPhone & Android Phone

In today’s digital age, our phone numbers are intricately linked to various aspects of our lives, including social media accounts, email addresses, and credit card information. However, what happens when you need to find your old phone numbers on iPhone or Android but can’t seem to remember them? Whether it’s for verifying your Facebook account, email account, or credit card, we understand the importance of finding your old phone numbers. In this article, we will explore 10 useful methods to help you search for and recover your old phone numbers easily on Both iPhone and Android.

Find Past Phone Numbers on iPhone & Android

These are the 10 proven methods through which you can find or get clue about all the past phone numbers you have used on an iPhone or Android device. If you know of any other better way to solve this issue, comment it below the article.

  1. Check Your Old Phone Bills
    One direct and practical way to find your old phone numbers is by checking your old phone bills. Messages or emails containing your phone bills may still be accessible, allowing you to retrieve your old phone numbers easily.
  2. Check Your Old Tax Records
    If you used your phone number for business purposes, it might be recorded in your old tax records. Take the time to review your previous tax documents and see if your phone number is mentioned.
  3. Check Your Online Shopping Address
    Given that most of us frequently shop online, your old phone numbers might be stored in your previous online shopping addresses. As long as you haven’t deleted these addresses, they can serve as a valuable source for finding your old phone numbers.
  4. Scan All the Old Emails
    Major email service providers like Google and Yahoo retain sent mail on their servers for several years. You may have previously shared your cell phone number via email, so checking all the email services you have used, including lesser-known ones, can potentially reveal your old phone number. Additionally, consider restoring contacts from your Google account as an additional method to find your old phone number.
  5. Power Up Your Old Phones
    If you still have your old iPhone or Android device, power it up and navigate to the Contacts app. It’s possible that you saved your old phone numbers on these devices, making them easily retrievable.
  6. Check Your Membership Info
    If you signed up for various services or memberships around the same time you had your previous phone number, reviewing the membership information of local gyms or other establishments might provide clues to your old phone number.
  7. Check Your Credit Report or Bank Info
    Reviewing your credit report can be another effective method for finding your old phone numbers. The “Identity” section of your credit report often lists previous addresses and phone numbers. Additionally, when applying for a new bank card, you may have provided your previous phone number, making it worthwhile to review your bank information as well.
  8. Find the Old SIM Card
    If you still have the old SIM card from your previous phone, it likely contains your old phone number. Locate the SIM card, and you will be able to retrieve the number stored on it.
  9. Ask Your Friends or Family
    Your friends and family might have your old phone numbers saved in their contact lists. Reach out to them and inquire if they have any information that could help you recover your old phone numbers.
  10. Extract from Backup
    If you have an old iTunes or iCloud backup that includes the contacts from your old phone number, consider extracting the contact list from the backup. However, note that this process requires a reliable backup extractor tool.


Losing track of your old phone numbers can be challenging, especially when you need them for verification purposes. Fortunately, with the methods mentioned in this article, you can increase your chances of finding and recovering your old phone numbers on Android or iPhone devices easily. Whether you check your old phone bills, tax records, online shopping addresses, emails, or rely on your friends and family, there are multiple avenues to explore. Remember, persistence is key, and using reliable tools like DroidKit can significantly simplify the process of recovering your old phone numbers.


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