EZColoris Wireless Microphone for Android Phone (USB C Mic) Product Review

EZColoris Wireless Microphone for Android Phone (USB C) Review

The EZColoris Wireless Microphone for Android Phones and USB C Port Devices is an impressive and effective addition to any home or office for podcasting or recording tasks, providing crystal-clear sound without the hassle of wired mics. Perfect for interviews, podcasting, and vlogging – without needing an expert sound engineer!

This EZColoris Wireless Microphone for Android Phones and USB C Port Devices stands out from the pack with its ability to capture quality sound from 360-degrees and long-distance transmission up to 65 feet. Furthermore, this microphone can be charged while in use – ideal for those without access to a regular electrical outlet as it recharges while being used; tapping its power button initiates auto pairing! Read the EZColoris Wireless Microphone Review completely to know more about this microphone.

EZColoris Wireless Microphone Reviw


This EZColoris Wireless Microphone comes equipped with an upgraded smart noise reduce chip to easily capture clear voice without requiring sound engineer assistance or engineer expertise. In addition, its omnidirectional condenser captures audio from every direction – making this microphone ideal for various recording tasks and coming equipped with an optional mic clip to attach onto clothing for hands-free recordings.

Battery Life:

This rechargeable and 10-hour-lifetime battery makes an excellent choice for professional as well as personal use, offering seamless recording without worrying about power concerns or interruption. Plus, its receiver allows phone charging while using, giving you peace of mind as you continue recording uninterrupted.

Wireless Distance Range:

This microphone boasts an impressive 65ft long-distance range, making it easy for recording from afar without signal loss or interference issues. Ideal for both in-office and remote recording applications.


This EZColoris Wireless Microphone can work with many devices, including Samsung, Motorola, Google Pixel, and Android Phone. Furthermore, tablets, PCs, and laptops with USB C ports will also benefit. Please be aware that some Android devices may require manual activation of “OTG” (On-The-Go) feature or developer mode prior to use; in such instances, this microphone should also work seamlessly.

Package Details:

This EZColoris Wireless Microphone for Android Phones and USB C Port Devices comes equipped with a transmitter, receiver, and charging cable for maximum versatility.


The EZColoris Wireless Microphone for Android Phones and USB C Port Devices is an outstanding microphone to use when recording podcasts, interviews, vlogging, or anything requiring crystal clear sound quality. Featuring a smart noise reduction chip to eliminate background noise for crystal-clear recordings; an omnidirectional condenser which captures sounds from every direction; an impressive 10-hour battery life; long-distance range (up to 65 feet); compatibility with multiple devices – making this mic an excellent addition for professional or personal use alike! Give yourself an audio boost now by giving yourself your dream recordings! Give our EZColoris Wireless Microphone Review a thumbs up on facebook if you liked the content.


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