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fix computer turning on but the monitor says no signal error

An exasperating computer experience is having one whose monitor displays no signal; leaving you perplexed and wondering what you should do next. This issue could be due to various causes ranging from poor cable connection quality or an unstable graphics card; but don’t despair: There are ways of fixing this problem! In this article we provide seven effective strategies that will help you to fix computer turns on but monitor says no signal error quickly.

Troubleshoot fix computer turns on but monitor says no signal error

Check Cable Connection
To solve “monitor says no signal”, the first step to taking action against it should be checking your cable connection between monitor and computer. Make sure that both ends of each cable are securely attached – VGA/DVI cables should have all pins unbent; while HDMI cables should be securely plugged in.

Test Your Monitor
One way of pinpointing the source of an issue with your monitor is to perform a system test on it. Connect it to another computer or device in order to ensure its functionality; if it works on any of them, but not yours, this could indicate problems with either its graphics card or motherboard.

Check Your Graphics Card
If the monitor works perfectly on another computer, but is giving trouble on yours, the problem could lie with its graphics card. Check to make sure it is seated securely in its PCIe slot on the motherboard; any loose connections should be tightened again with tape before reinserting properly. For onboard graphics cards, connect the monitor directly to its video port instead.

Resetting the BIOS
To reset your BIOS and resolve the issue, power off and unplug your computer from its power source before locating and removing the CMOS battery on your motherboard and taking its place later. Reinserting it may then help resolve your problem; check if that has worked by restarting and seeing if that has helped!

Faulty RAM may also contribute to your monitor displaying no signal issue, so make sure it’s properly seated in its memory slots on the motherboard and remove and reseat any loose connections if they occur. Also try swapping out different RAM sticks just to be certain this issue lies within one.

Check Your Power Supply
A failing power supply could also be to blame for this issue, so ensure that it is providing enough juice to your computer and that its cables are attached correctly to both your motherboard and other components.

Check Your Operating System
If none of the methods above work, the problem could lie with your operating system. Try booting into safe mode to see if your issue has been resolved – otherwise reinstall your OS to try to restore proper function.


Finding yourself dealing with a computer turns on but the monitor displays no signal error can be frustrating. But by following these seven methods you can effectively troubleshoot and fix this problem yourself. Be sure to test the cable connection, test the monitor, test graphics card drivers, reset BIOS settings, test RAM memory modules, power supply powering of OSs as well as power supplies before calling professional computer technician for further help if this does not resolve itself.


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