Carplay Wireless Adapter&Android Auto with Netflix/YouTube, Newest Wireless Apple Carplay Adapter Apple Carplay Multimedia Box Adapter Support Android 11OS/TF/Plug&Play/Google Play/Mirrorlink Review

Ever been stuck in traffic with nothing to occupy your time? Or on long road trips with children who just won’t stop complaining they’re bored? No longer worry; AiBox’s LERANDA Wireless Carplay Adapter has everything you need for entertainment and more!

WiFi and Bluetooth Compatible

The AiBox carplay adapter features dual-band WiFi & Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to ensure fast connectivity and 16GB eMMC memory for an enhanced carplay experience. Furthermore, 2GB LPDDR3 memory and 16GB eMMC storage add a layer of protection from potential viruses or malware threats that might arise while playing media from external sources such as CD or DVD drives.

Enhancing Entertainment

This wireless carplay adapter enables access to popular apps like TikTok, YouTube, Netflix, Waze and Spotify for maximum entertainment while in your car. Furthermore, up to 128GB of streaming media storage and screen mirroring with personal mobile phones add even more playback options when there is no wifi available.

Emphasizing Safety Bounce H4

H4 is distinguished by its hands-free connection, making voice activation of your favorite apps convenient and safe while meeting all driving laws and regulations. This enables you to focus on passenger safety while adhering to all driving laws.


With this carplay adapter, you can be confident to use it with most car models. In addition to being compatible with most NFC and CPII enabled phone models, this adapter also supports iPhone 6 running iOS 10 or higher; Android 9.0+ for those with Android phones; as well as specific phones needing Android 11.0 or above (depending on model).

Easy Installation

The setup process for the H6 is quick and effortless – simply connect the carplay adapter to any of your car’s USB ports and you are good to go. When you turn on your engine, the carplay adapter will turn itself on automatically and connect directly with your phone via Bluetooth, eliminating any hassle of pairing processes or waiting times for initialization.


The AiBox wireless carplay adapter is not only wireless but also highly durable, made from extremely long-wearing material with special attention paid to its design. Furthermore, its robust casing makes upkeep simple.

Unique Features

The carplay adapter stands out from its competition with unique features that distinguish itself, such as automotive grade touchscreen quality, up to 10 touchscreen gestures and 7 preset customization options for Apple CarPlay.

Quality Assurance

With so many features and convenience packed into this carplay adapter from LERANDA, it gives you peace of mind in regards to its quality. These functions include auto-protection, auto-restart and self-calibration that help ensure it will arrive with you intact and be of top quality upon shipment.

ConclusionFor drivers in search of an ideal carplay adapter, this wireless AiBox carplay adapter may be your answer. Packed full with entertainment features while made with durable material and safety features – you won’t have to worry about missing calls or being bored on the road thanks to easy installation and quick connections – AiBox’s wireless carplay adapter may just be what they’re


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