CARLIET Wireless Android Auto Adapter, Wireless Car Dongle A2A for OEM Wired AA Android Auto Cars from 2016, Support Online Update, Plug & Play Review

Are You an Audiophile Looking for Seamless Integration of Phone in Car? Tired of Overly Complex Kits that Don’t Fit your Needs? The Amazon Wireless Android Auto adapter may be just what’s needed – an ideal solution for Audiophiles, car enthusiasts and any others wanting a seamless integration of phone in vehicle.

Experience Stable Connectivity With the Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Utilizing the Wireless Android Auto adapter, you can ensure a stable connection and seamless integration of your phone in your car. Equipped with a powerful dual-core ARM Cortex A7 chip and high speed transmission rates, it ensures low latency audio streaming with consistent connectivity even when your car is moving. Plus it features support for Bluetooth for hands-free calls or audio streaming!

Seamless Integration of Phone Apps in Your Car

The Wireless Android Auto adapter makes integrating your phone apps seamlessly into your car easier than ever, including Spotify, Waze, WhatsApp and many others. Plus you’ll still benefit from all the features of Android Auto such as voice recognition, navigation and access to over 1.5 million music tracks – similar to what the wired version offers!

Easy Setup and Installation with Upgrade Capabilities

The Wireless Android Auto adapter is easy to setup and install; simply plug one end of its Type-C cable into the adapter, while plugging the other end into your car’s Android Auto enabled USB-A/usb-c port. From here, simply turn on WiFi and Bluetooth on your phone for effortless pairing; once complete, the adapter will connect automatically the next time you start up your car!

Wireless Android Auto adapters allow for over-the-air (OTA) upgrades, ensuring you remain up-to-date and enjoying an ideal experience when using your phone in your car. In addition, there is professional support and a one year warranty included as standard features.

As part of your purchase of the Wireless Android Auto adapter, you can also take advantage of professional support and a one-year warranty from Amazon itself. This means you’ll enjoy outstanding customer service and technical assistance whenever it’s needed; while its warranty ensures smooth usage.


The Wireless Android Auto adapter is an ideal choice for audiophiles and car enthusiasts who desire a seamless integration between their phone and car. Easy setup and installation make this adapter perfect, as you can access over 1.5 million music tracks as well as professional support with one year warranty coverage – perfect if you’re searching for the ideal way to integrate your phone in your vehicle!


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