Breaking Barriers: Unveiling Satellite-To-Phone Coverage by 2degrees and Lynk Global in New Zealand

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2degrees has announced an innovative industry agreement, signing its inaugural commercial contract with Lynk Global to deliver reliable connectivity services for its customers. This significant breakthrough marks another important milestone in 2degrees’ commitment to providing them with uninterrupted connectivity services.

Lynk’s cell-towers-in-space technology ensures 2degrees customers remain connected even in areas without terrestrial mobile coverage. Satellite connectivity maximizes these benefits.

Benefits of Cell Towers-in-Space Technology

2degrees and Lynk have recently completed a successful trial of their satellite phone technology in New Zealand and are keen to move from testing into commercial service later this year. Charles Miller, CEO and Co-Founder of Lynk highlighted its cell-towers-in-space technology which will extend coverage into rural and maritime areas, support emergency services as well as protect IoT devices from disruptions.

2degrees customers will initially use this service to send and receive texts when a Lynk satellite passes overhead, using their existing mobile phones. To promote the new offering, 2degrees has launched an advertising campaign, social media outreach strategy, and customer communication efforts to raise awareness.

Mark Callander, CEO of 2degrees, expressed his excitement over this collaboration and its value in keeping customers connected in areas beyond traditional mobile coverage. Their satellite-to-phone service will enable hikers, farmers, boat fanatics and others to explore New Zealand’s outdoor lifestyle while beyond reach of regular mobile coverage. Callander added that customers will be kept updated as to their progress and when their service will become available.

Future of New Zealand Connectivity

2degrees’ recent achievement: being granted 80MHz of spectrum in the 3500MHz (C-band) band from the New Zealand Government for deployment of 5G networks nationwide by Ericsson supports New Zealand Government’s Rural 5G Broadband Programme undertaken with Vodafone New Zealand. This announcement marks a milestone.

2degrees’ partnerships illustrate their commitment to adopting innovative technologies and providing seamless connectivity for their customers no matter their location in New Zealand.


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