Blackview Mobile Phone A55, 4G Dual SIM Unlocked Phones, 3GB+16GB/TF 128GB Smart Phone Unlocked, Face ID, 3 Card Slots, 4780mAh Battery, T-Mobile AT&T Unlocked Android Phone 6.5″ HD+Large Screen Review

Blackview Mobile Phone A55 is an entry-level 4G dual SIM unlocked phone packed with features. Equipped with three card slots and triple cameras, its capabilities for taking pictures and storing data exceed any expectations. Furthermore, its Android 11 operating system ensures maximum security functions are utilized and privacy levels remain uncompromised; additionally its powerful 4780mAh battery and Face ID make this model user-friendly and accessible.

Unlocked Dual SIM Phone for Maximum Connectivity

Blackview A55 is an ideal entry-level mobile phone with two SIM slots, compatible with GSM network providers like T-Mobile, Mint Mobile, BTC, MetroPCS, H2O, Movistar, Telcel Claro Vivacom Ultra Mobile Lycamobile Tello Virgin Mobile Fido FIZZ Shaw Mobile as well as its dual SIM capability allows users to set up two accounts – one containing their desired services while the other acts as backup – providing users with maximum connectivity and seamless experience. Additionally, its dual SIM feature enables users to set up two SIM cards – one containing their services while using both simultaneously – so they will experience seamless experiences.

Comprehensive Triple Camera Systems to Capture Superior Quality Photos

Blackview Mobile Phone A55 features an 8MP triple rear camera equipped with multiple lenses capable of taking high-resolution photos at various angles and providing stunning quality shots with rich hues. Users can further edit their photos using filters, emojis and other editing techniques.

Blackview A55 cell phone comes equipped with an extra 128GB micro SD/TF card to give users more storage for photos, music videos, movies and other data. Users will never run out of space while enjoying themselves! Finally, its Powerful Battery with Quick Unlock Features gives it even more convenience for its users.

Powerful Battery with Quick Unlock Features

The Blackview A55 unlocked phone boasts an incredibly powerful 4780mAh battery that provides users with up to 7.5 hours of video playback or over 26 hours of music playback – no longer do users have to worry about running out of charge just when they need their phone most! Face ID enhances user-friendliness of this phone further by taking only 0.1 seconds for unlocking, making the entire unlocking process quick and painless. Furthermore, ample RAM and Memory ensures efficient computing performance.

Huge RAM with Expandable Storage

Blackview A55 Android phone comes equipped with 3GB RAM to ensure it runs faster than 2GB RAM phones in terms of both computing fluency and speed. Furthermore, its 16GB of expandable storage provides huge video and photo storage. Furthermore, micro SD/TF card slots offer up to 128GB extra space; thus enabling users to store whatever they like without restrictions or restrictions preventing their enjoyment.


Blackview Mobile Phone A55 is an outstanding entry-level mobile phone designed to fulfill all basic phone needs at an exceptional value. Packed with features and specifications normally only found on much higher priced phones (powerful triple cameras and 4780mAh battery, for instance), its unlocked design means it works with multiple SIM cards simultaneously – all these factors come together to make Blackview A55 an excellent entry-level option for anyone.


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