How to Backup iPhone in Recovery Mode (2023 Guide)

How to Backup iPhone in Recovery Mode (2023 Guide)

Backing up your iPhone in recovery mode involves creating an exact copy of its contents for use in case of loss, theft, corruption, or other potentially inconvenient and dangerous events. Many are amazed to find out how simple it is to backup iPhone in recovery mode; saving both time, money, and hassle in the long run!

This guide outlines all of the steps and essential information necessary for successfully backing up an iPhone in recovery mode.

What Is Recovery Mode in iPhone?

Recovery mode is a unique state of your phone which enables you to recover lost data or address systemic issues. Your iPhone entering recovery mode means the operating system has been restored back to factory defaults settings, while all user data has been erased. Recovery mode may be used for various purposes including reinstalling an operating system, recovering backed-up files or fixing corrupt system files.

Why Backup My iPhone In Recovery Mode?

Backing up your iPhone in recovery mode ensures that all the data stored on it, including contacts, photos, messages, music and more, are secured in an easily restoreable format in case any corruption or disruptions to its system occur. In addition, by backing up in recovery mode you are providing yourself with access to this data in case any disruptions arise in future and need it restored back quickly – all while keeping all your important files and information stored safely! By backing up in this manner you are also guaranteeing access should restoring needs arise in future need of restoration of all or data being securely stored backed up safely so if that should ever arises!

What Should I Back Up When In Recovery Mode?

When backing up any iOS device in recovery mode, several key areas should be included for safekeeping, including contacts, photos, messages, music files, calendar events and documents. Any media, third party apps or data stored on your phone should also be archived regularly to safeguard its contents.

Steps to Backup iPhone in Recovery Mode

Backing up an iPhone using recovery mode is relatively straightforward provided that you have all of the tools and knowhow. Follow the exact steps given below to Backup your iPhone quickly from recovery mode.

  1. Connect your device via USB cable to your computer.
  2. Open iTunes, and click the iPhone icon in iTunes‘ upper-left corner window and navigate to its Summary page.
  3. click on “Back Up Now” button in the summary page.
  4. Make your selections for what should be included in the backup and iTunes will create one automatically.

Hope the process was simple and you successfully managed to create a backup of your iPhone in recovery mode without any issues, if you face any problem in the process, leave a comment below this article.

Steps to Restore iPhone backup In Recovery Mode

Once your backup has been successfully created, the next step should be restoring it in recovery mode. when you want to restore your iPhone using the Backup created through recovery mode, follow the steps provided below.

  1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes.
  2. Click on the iPhone icon located in the upper-left corner of iTunes.
  3. select “Restore Backup…” and select the backup file from which you want to restore.
  4. iTunes will restore your backup immediately.


Thanks for reading the complete guide on how to backup iPhone in Recovery mode and we have also explained the process to restore those backups. If this guide helped you in making the backup successfully, share the article with your friends and make them keep their data safe.


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