BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller for Android – Product Review

BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller for Android - Review

No longer do you need a gaming console in order to enjoy all of the best titles out there – One Mobile has made Android gaming more accessible and enjoyable with their BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller, designed specifically for use on all Android devices with low latency connectivity and pass-through charging; furthermore, it comes equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use it with any headset while gaming!

BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller Review


The Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller’s design is minimal and looks amazing, boasting a matte black finish for an attractive professional aesthetic. There are two distinct areas for thumbsticks, and all buttons are well-spaced out, enabling easy control and play of any game imaginable. Furthermore, buttons feel smooth and clicky as its build quality stands up against its price point.


The Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller is jam-packed with features, making it the ideal companion for Android devices. Its low latency connection means no annoying lag during gameplay sessions; plus, its pass-through charging feature means your phone can charge while playing. Plus, you can connect a 3.5mm headset while gaming so as to not miss any sound effects!

Backbone App

Another great feature of the Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller is its Backbone App. You can use this application to find and launch games, connect with friends online for multiplayer gaming sessions, record and share gameplay, and access over 20 gaming-related features – making your gaming experience all that much more enjoyable! The app boasts many useful features designed to make gaming enjoyable!


The Backbone One Mobile Gaming controller can be used with most Android devices running version 8.0 and later, including devices from Google such as Pixel 2 Series devices as well as Samsung products from their S8 and Note 8 series or even Samsung Galaxy A12.


The BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller is an outstanding choice for Android gamers. Boasting excellent design and build quality, as well as many fantastic features like low latency connection, pass-through charging, and 3.5mm headphone jack – plus accessing 20+ unique features through its app! Compatible with most devices running version 8.0 or later of Android OS (and later), the controller is sure to add an enriching gaming experience for its owners. Share our BACKBONE One Mobile Gaming Controller Review with your friends if they are interested in Android gaming aswell.


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