Aureday 67” Selfie Stick,Phone Tripod Stand with Remote, Cell Phone Stand Tripod with Phone Holder for Vlogging,Recording, Compatible with iPhone&Android Phone/Cameras/GoPro Review

Are you searching for the perfect tripod to meet all of your photography needs? Look no further than the 67 inches Aluminum Alloy Tripod with Wireless Bluetooth, Go Pro Adapter, and Phone Holder; its convenient design has been carefully created to satisfy every aspect of photography needs.

High Quality & Light Weight

This tripod is constructed of lightweight yet strong aluminum alloy material for ultimate portability and portability. The twist lock prevents tilting or wobbling so it is great for taking photos or videos without fear of the tripod slipping or coming loose during usage. Also measuring just 67″, making this tripod easy to transport around. And its portability also means fewer worries for photography or videography sessions! Also included with your purchase of this tripod are strong accessories to complement it for even further versatility and photography use!


This tripod comes equipped with numerous strong and useful accessories that are sure to meet the needs of content creators, from photographers to YouTubers and Tiktokers. Accessories such as Phone Holder, Go Pro Adapter and Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control make this tripod an excellent solution. Using it allows users to capture pictures or videos from various angles quickly – perfect for YouTubers, Instagrammers and Tiktokers alike!

Wide Compatibility

This tripod was specifically created to work with most smartphones with or without cases attached, meaning no matter which phone model you have you will have no trouble connecting it to the tripod. Furthermore, this tripod is also compatible with DSLR, SLR, Action Cams, Webcams and Camcorders with a 1 Year Warranty included!

This product comes with 24 months of free warranty and lifetime professional customer service support, so if any issues arise with it you can contact their dedicated helpline immediately.


The 67 inches Aluminum Alloy Tripod with Wireless Bluetooth, Go Pro Adapter and Phone Holder is an incredible product designed to enhance your photography experience. Crafted with premium-grade materials and boasting attractive accessories, this tripod can work with most smartphones and cameras and comes with a warranty of 24 months so there are no worries should any issues arise.


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