Fix App Keeps Crashing on iPhone/iPad in iOS 12/11/10 Permanently

Fix App Keeps Crashing on iPhone/iPad in iOS 12/11/10 Permanently

Apple’s mobile operating system iOS boasts numerous new features and enhanced performance; however, many users have reported issues where certain apps keep crashing on their iPhone or iPad – this can be particularly irritating as certain programs may become impossible to use, or cause significant slowdowns and overall poorer performance. We will explore why your apps might be crashing as well as ways to solve it in this article. So if you are facing the same issue, this article will fix App keeps crashing on iPhone error quickly.

Why Are My Apps Crashing?

One of the primary causes of apps crashing is lack of free memory on a device. Without sufficient available memory, apps won’t run reliably and may crash unexpectedly, particularly those requiring many resources like video, photo or animation-heavy applications.

An additional cause could be that you’re trying to run too many apps at the same time, which iOS has gotten better at managing than ever. Sometimes though, its memory management cannot keep up with multiple applications at once, forcing iOS to close certain ones down in order to free up resources.

App updates may also be the source of your issues. If a new version of an app releases with bugs or compatibility issues with current versions of iOS, this could cause it to crash unexpectedly and unexpectedly.

How To Fix App keeps crashing on iOS Error

Method 1: Clean Up Memory

If apps are crashing on your device, the first thing to check if memory needs freeing up should be to open up the Settings app on the Home screen and go into “General”, followed by “Usage”. This will reveal how much free memory there is currently versus how much is used. If that number drops too close to zero, deleting files or apps might be the solution.

Method 2: Limit Multitasking

Another potential solution would be limiting the number of apps running simultaneously on your phone, whether by double-tapping the Home button and manually closing them or by double-tapping to unlock and double-tap to close them all at once. Doing this may free up system resources, reducing crashes while freeing up resources more effectively than before.

Finally, ensure there is an update available for apps causing issues on your phone. To do this, launch the App Store and select its Updates tab; here you will see a list of available app updates which you can update individually or use the “Update All” button at the top to update them all at once.


Crashing apps on iPhones and iPads is a frustrating inconvenience, but thankfully there are ways to quickly identify and resolve this problem. By freeing up some memory, decreasing concurrent app usage, or updating faulty applications you can quickly restore smooth operation to your device.If you still face the apps keeps crashing on iPhone error further, leave a comment below we will try to solve your problem.


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