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H. Van Vlack’s Scienza dei Materiali published by Edizioni LSWR is an outstanding introduction for engineers on the fundamental principles of materials science. This comprehensive resource offers engineers an abundance of material information as well as its practical use in engineering practice. It begins by discussing material nature and properties; then delves deeper into their chemical composition, properties, production process and mechanical characteristics of materials produced. Finally there are sections dedicated to testing tools used for manufacturing and testing purposes.

Overview of the Content

H. Van Vlack is a renowned engineer with years of experience in material science. This guidebook, written using easily understandable terms, makes this text suitable for beginners as well as experts alike. The book provides a solid grounding in its topic with numerous practical examples provided throughout. Furthermore, its text is thorough and well organized with its final chapter covering variations within material science as well as their impact on engineering practice.

Benefits of Using this Book

This book is packed with useful content and suitable for both students and professionals. It covers an extensive variety of materials such as metals, polymers, ceramics and composites; production techniques (such as 3D printing or force motor modeling); as well as practical information regarding production and launderage processes of said materials (for instance how to print with force motor). Furthermore, its second edition published in 2015 also provides an extensive tutorial on using programs like Autodesk Moldflow or Solidworks).


Overall, this book serves as an outstanding introductory textbook to materials science. While its scope may be broad and expansive, its organization is superb. The text provides numerous details regarding material production as well as recent applications in information technology – something students and engineers of all levels may benefit from having a solid overview of material planning and production.

Scienza dei Materiali by H. Van Vlack provides an outstanding introduction to materials science and its practical application in engineering. The text provides detailed information regarding production of materials as well as practical examples from manufacturers. Furthermore, this libro is designed for ease of reading and will make an excellent resource for students and professionals interested in material sciences alike.


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