Android Cop [DVD] Review

Android Cop, set in 2045, is an action-packed futuristic thriller starring Lt. Mason of Los Angeles Police Department and his newly appointed Android partner – they venture into the “Forbidden Zone”, where an outbreak has plagued a section of Los Angeles city overrun with virus infection – to uncover a government conspiracy which threatens all mankind.

The Story

The story follows Lt. Mason and his Android partner as they infiltrate The Zone, an isolated and disease-infested section of their city, infiltrating both its cause and a potentially disturbing government plot. Harris achieves unparalleled craftsmanship in Android Cop; every element comes together perfectly; all elements seem effortless, making Lt. Mason an intriguing hero on a quest to defend the city while grappling with morally dubious characters along his journey.

Action Sequences

Android Cop is packed with thrilling action sequences. Special effects are top notch, hand-to-hand combat scenes are packed with detail and stunts are executed expertly. Director Alex Harris adeptly develops each character while keeping the story moving at a steady pace – viewers will remain riveted until its last scenes! Running time of approximately 1 hour 25 minutes ensures maximum audience involvement!

Cinematic Presentation

Android Cop’s cinematic presentation is impressive. Harris shows his skill as a master craftsman by employing wide-angle camera pans and an energetic soundtrack to maximum effect, as well as frequent cutaways that heighten tension. Special effects complement elaborate fight choreography to great effect – one scene featuring Lt. Mason and his Android partner is truly mesmerizing and realistic.


Android Cop is an amazing action-packed science fiction film. Boasting outstanding cinematography and an energetic score, this sci-fi flick takes audiences into an epic journey into forbidden zones with fantastic acting from its cast of actors and solid presentation that keep viewers gripped to the end. For an action-packed ride worth your while, Android Cop should definitely be on your watchlist.


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