Android Cop [Blu-ray] Review

Fans of classic horror cinema know exactly what to do when it comes to Nightmare On Elm Street films, particularly Freddy Krueger and his terrifying antics for over 30 years. Now, asylum Home Ent has made available the entire series on Blu-ray so audiences can relive all the thrilling horror moments like they were right there in a theater!

Special Features

Asylum Home Ent’s Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-ray contains many special features, including an in-depth behind the scenes look at its production as well as interviews with some of its cast and crew. Furthermore, this disc provides never before seen footage, deleted scenes and other goodies not previously released to consumers.

Sound and Visuals

This Blu-ray’s sound quality is absolutely outstanding, bringing every single horror scene from the series alive while giving every fan goosebumps when listening to its iconic soundtrack. Additionally, its visuals are stunning as this disc provides a detailed view of every frame from each movie in this timeless series.

Price Point

At Asylum Home Ent’s Nightmare On Elm Street on Blu-ray, another reason to purchase is due to its affordable price point. It provides plenty of content at an impressively reasonable cost – an excellent value proposition for horror fans!

Final Verdict

Asylum Home Ent’s Nightmare On Elm Street on Blu-ray provides fans of the series an ideal way to experience its movies. Packed with outstanding special features and HD transfers of each film, its audio/visual experience is truly immersive – not to mention that its price point makes it ideal for experiencing these classic films!


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