Fix Android Apps Stopped Working Error: Causes and Solutions

fix Unfortunately the app has stopped working error

Have you encountered the message, “Unfortunately, the app has stopped working” on your Android device? It can be alarming when one of your favorite applications crashes unexpectedly without warning; but in this article we’ll take a deeper dive into why and how this error arises and provide solutions.

What causes Android Apps Stopped Working Error

Android apps stopped working error occurs when an application on your Android device unexpectedly crashes, with an accompanying error message such as, “Unfortunately, the app has stopped working” It can occur on any version of Android and any device model. Here are a few reasons an Android app may stop functioning:

  • Outdated App Version: An application may crash if it is no longer supported, as its code might no longer function correctly.
  • Unsuitability of App Versions: An app may fail to work if it does not comply with your device’s operating system or hardware configuration.
  • Corrupted app data: When app data becomes corrupted, it may cause it to crash or stop working completely.
  • Lack of Storage Space: If your device’s storage capacity becomes full, apps may stop functioning properly or even crash altogether.
  • Apps In Conflict: At times, two or more applications may become incompatible and cause one or both to malfunction, leading to their respective crashes.

How to Fix Android Apps Stopped Working Error

Don’t be worried of these Android apps stopped error:

  • Cache and Data Clean-up: Navigating to Settings > Apps > [App Name] > Storage and selecting Clear Cache/Clear Data will ensure any temporary files or corrupted information causing a crash are deleted, relieving the app of potential issues that could cause it to stop functioning properly.
  • Update the App: Verify whether there’s an update for your app available in Google Play, and install it if one exists; such updates could contain bug fixes or improvements that address crashing issues.
  • Reinstall the App: If clearing your cache and updating the app didn’t help, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to give yourself a fresh start. This will remove all data and settings related to it and give you a good opportunity for success in future attempts at installing.
  • Make room: If your device’s storage capacity has become limited, consider freeing up some space by deleting unnecessary files or applications and moving some to cloud or external storage solutions.
  • Reset Your Device: If none of the other approaches work, another way is to resetting your device to factory settings. However, be warned that doing this may delete all data and settings that have been stored therein; so make sure you back up any files before proceeding with this option.


“Android apps stopped working” error can be frustrating, but it is usually easy to resolve them by following the solutions mentioned in this article. we hope that the article was successful in solving your issue easily. Subscribe to our blog to get the latest updates of Android errors and their fixes.


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