Amazon’s already throwing in free gift cards when you buy a Pixel 7a

Google Pixel 7a Review

Google Pixel 7a is their latest mid-range A-series phone and provides a great phone experience at an accessible price point. Offering nearly all the same features as its larger sibling Pixel 7, but at a slightly reduced cost and with additional bonuses including nine months of security updates and a $50 gift card from Amazon this weekend (buy through either site!).

What’s new in Google Pixel 7A – Features

The Pixel 7a delivers an extremely similar experience to that of its more powerful sibling, the Pixel 7. Both phones share the same processor, RAM size and nearly identical features; their displays even boast 90Hz OLED displays instead of 60Hz OLED displays like on its predecessor the Pixel 6a; however the latter’s display size has been reduced slightly at 6.1 inches as opposed to 6.3 inches on both models.

Camera Upgrade

The Pixel 7a has received an upgrade in camera quality, featuring both 13MP front-facing cameras and 64MP rear sensors; an upgrade over its predecessor the Pixel 6a but only slight above what existed in its predecessor – Pixel 7.

Battery Life

One of the key differences between the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7a lies in their respective battery lives. While the latter requires more frequent recharging sessions than its counterpart, both still offer superior battery performance.

Price and Offers

At $500, the Pixel 7a offers an amazing phone experience that’s nearly identical to that of its more expensive sibling, the Pixel 7. Amazon is offering a $50 gift card when purchasing from them this weekend, while Google Store may provide either free A-Series Pixel Buds or $100 off when making their purchase.

The Google Pixel 7a offers an outstanding smartphone experience at an attainable cost. While nearly identical to its Pixel 7 counterpart in terms of features and performance, it includes nine months more security updates and is $100 cheaper – plus special offers from Amazon and the Google Store can even give you extra bonuses with its purchase


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