Amazon Basics Adjustable Aluminum Cell Phone Desk Stand for iPhone and Android, Black Review

Are you in search of an adjustable aluminum cell phone stand that will securely support all 5 to 8 inch Apple and Android devices in either portrait or landscape mode, and is within budget? Look no further!

Amazon Basics Adjustable Aluminum Cell Phone Stand for iPhone and Android may just be what you need to keep your device close at hand when using Facetime, watching videos or gaming!

Design and Construction

This aluminum stand is beautifully constructed and stylishly designed. With a chic black finish that complements almost any decor scheme, its sleek black hue blends in perfectly. Constructed of sturdy aluminum with rubber padding on its base to keep phones securely in their stands and an additional hole at the back to plug charging cables in, there are no plastic pieces here – only pure quality aluminum!

Multi-Angle Adjustment

The Amazon Basics Adjustable Aluminum Cell Phone Stand features a multi-angle feature for precise device positioning in portrait or landscape mode. Adjusting this stand up to 270 degrees allows users to find just the perfect angle when holding devices in portrait or landscape orientation, plus its lightweight construction makes moving from room to room or taking it on-the-go easy and efficient.


Overall, the Amazon Basics Adjustable Aluminum Cell Phone Stand is an outstanding option for those seeking a sturdy stand to hold their smartphone or tablet securely. Made from aluminum with rubberized base cushioning for ultimate protection from scratches, knocks, and drops. Also surprisingly cheap yet well constructed. Therefore if you are seeking an economical yet useful stand that will stand up over time the Amazon Basics Adjustable Aluminum Cell Phone Stand should definitely be given some thought. Consequently, for reliable phone or tablet usage this stand should definitely be given consideration.


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