Active Stylus Pen Compatible for iOS&Android Touch Screens, Pencil with Dual Touch Function,Rechargeable Stylus for iPad/iPad Pro/Air/Mini/iPhone/Cellphone/Samsung/Tablet Drawing&Writing Review

We all understand how difficult it can be to use touchscreen devices like an iPad, iPhone or tablet without assistance from a stylus pen – the Stylus Pen by VinPo is an ideal way to take touchscreen experiences to new levels!


This stylus pen feels just like a real traditional pen; its slim profile and lightweight make it easy to use – simply press its button once (blue light illuminated) to start! Available in black, white and silver colors with an included pen cap replacement feature, it is sure to become one of your go-to choices!


The Stylus Pen is designed for use with various touchscreen devices and can be used to write, take notes, draw or design on them. Perfect for journalists, engineers, teachers, students, game players and anyone wanting a better way of using their touchscreen device!

Battery Life

The Stylus Pen is powered by USB charging port and built-in battery; fully charging can take only 1-1.5 hours for 8-10 hours of use per charge. Plus, an intelligent power saving function automatically switches off power after 30 minutes to extend battery life!

Customer Service

Each Stylus Pen comes with a 12-month quality guarantee and includes one stylus pen, one USB cable and one replacement pen cap. Our dedicated customer service team are on standby if any queries or problems arise – call them anytime on 1300 13 13 13.

Final Thoughts

VinPo’s Stylus Pen is an excellent solution for anyone seeking to maximize their touchscreen experience. Light and with an authentic pen-like feel, making it much simpler and intuitively easier than using touchscreen devices directly. Furthermore, its 12-month quality guarantee and customer service team make this pen an invaluable choice.

Everyone wants the most from their touchscreen devices, and VinPo’s Stylus Pen offers an exceptional user experience. Easy to use with realistic pen-like feel and long battery life; compatible with various touchscreen devices; 12-month quality guarantee and customer service team available – you won’t regret choosing it!


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