A-TGTGA Smart Watch for Women (Dial/Receive Calls,150+ Faces) smartwatch for Android Phones and iPhone, Fitness Tracker with Sleep HR Monitoring,SMS Reminder,IP67 Waterproof Review

Are you in search of an advanced, low-power smartwatch with long battery life and reliable features? Look no further than the A-TGTGA Smart Watch. Packed with features to keep you active and connected wherever life takes you, its powerful yet reliable 235mAh battery means it will power through your day without any need for recharges; its activity trackers help motivate and on track while its advanced app push reminders will alert you of updates from various applications on your watch.

Features & Benefits

Activity Tracker and 28 Sports Modes

The A-TGTGA Smart Watch features 28 sports modes to meet any workout goals, and four watch faces to customize your look at any time. No matter what form of exercise you enjoy, this watch keeps you connected and motivated – making exercise much simpler!

Advanced Message and App Push Notifications

Aside from providing outstanding tracking and monitoring features, the A-TGTGA Smart Watch also includes advanced message and app push reminders. This ensures you won’t miss any important notifications or updates from your apps and can keep tabs on incoming calls, text messages, emails and social media alerts with ease.

Transparency Program

If you want the reassurance that the A-TGTGA Smart Watch you’re buying is genuine and authentic, rest easy knowing it’s protected by the Transparency Program. This system verifies each unit for authenticity while offering access to additional details about them so that you know you are receiving genuine product.

After-sale Service & Support

The A-TGTGA Smart Watch comes with a lifetime after-sale service and 24-hour problem solving support, ready to listen to any suggestions that arise. So don’t be shy; don’t hesitate to get in touch and tell us all about them. We welcome any type of feedback, so feel free to reach out with yours and share with us how it goes.


Overall, the A-TGTGA Smart Watch is an impressive high-performance yet low-power watch packed with features and benefits that will help keep you active and connected on the go. Boasting long battery life, 28 different sports modes, four interchangeable watch faces, advanced message and app push notifications as well as peace of mind through Transparency Program, this watch will meet all of your needs if you are searching for a dependable smartwatch; don’t be disappointed when choosing the A-TGTGA.


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