7″ Car Stereo Double Din Touch Screen Car Radio Audio Receiver FM Radio Bluetooth Video Remote Control MP5/4/3 Player Android iPhone Mirror Link USB/SD/AUX Hands Free Calling with Camera Review

The 7″ Double Din Car Stereo Touch Screen is the ideal way to transform your car audio experience with modern style. Packed with all of the must-have features and technology needed for reliable performance, including FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, USB/SD inputs and rear view camera – you can make the most of your audio system! Plus its sleek and stylish design will complement the interior design of any vehicle perfectly.

Bluetooth + Rear-view Camera

The 7″ Double Din Car Stereo Touch Screen offers a range of features that allow for an unforgettable music experience. Equipped with an intuitive built-in touch screen compatible with both Apple iOS and Android devices, you can quickly control and view your playlists using this intuitive touchscreen allowing easy access. Plus its responsive touch interface makes navigating menus and accessing features seamless allowing access to features effortlessly while driving with FM radio, Bluetooth audio streaming, USB inputs and SD storage capacity allowing high quality sound output while at any speed – plus

MP3/4/5 Player and Mirror Link Device

The 7″ Double Din Car Stereo Touch Screen makes staying connected easy on the road. Bluetooth compatibility enables you to stream music directly from your phone as well as take calls hands-free while driving, and its radio receiver gives access to over 80 stations. Furthermore, its rear view camera makes driving safer by showing what’s behind you on its screen – giving an easier and safer driving experience overall. Our delivers these capabilities and more!

Audio & Video Playback

The 7″ Double Din Car Stereo Touch Screen comes equipped with plenty of entertainment features. It includes an MP3/4/5 player that lets you enjoy all your favorite tunes, mirror link compatibility that allows you to easily mirror what’s on your phone onto its screen, and remote control access so you can adjust all device settings from within your seat.

Ease of Installation

The 7″ Double Din Car Stereo Touch Screen is designed for easy installation. Simply mount it to the dashboard of your vehicle, connect its cables for power and audio/video input, and you can get your car audio system up and running quickly and without hassles.

Build Quality

The 7″ Double Din Car Stereo Touch Screen features superior construction to meet the demands of everyday driving, such as bumps, vibrations and extreme temperatures. Furthermore, its aesthetic design will complement any interior vehicle seamlessly. Within its sleek casing lies an array of audio options making an adaptable audio solution.

Audio Options

The 7″ Double Din Car Stereo Touch Screen is known for its comprehensive audio options. This car stereo comes equipped with an AM/FM radio receiver, Bluetooth audio streaming, USB input and SD storage to make playing your music a pleasure. Furthermore, this car stereo supports a range of formats so you can listen back in whatever form suits you best.

Price Range

This 7″ Double Din Car Stereo Touch Screen offers maximum functionality.


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