45W Samsung USB-C Super Fast Charger Type C Android Phone Charging Cable Block for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23/S23+/S22 Ultra/S22/S21/S20/Note 10/20, Galaxy Tab S8, PPS Wall Charger with 6.6FT Cord Review

For those of us who enjoy staying connected and powered up, the 45W Samsung Fast Charger is an effective way to do just that. This USB-C charger comes complete with two 45 Watt Super Fast Charging Blocks as well as two 6.6-foot cables, and also features multiple safeguards to protect devices against short circuiting, overcurrenting, overvoltaging, overheating or overcharging.

45W Super Fast Charging 2.0

This versatile charger was specially created to work with the latest generations of Samsung devices, including the S23 Ultra, S23+, S22 Ultra and S20 Ultra. Utilizing 45W Super Fast Charging 2.0 technology, this charger allows users to charge their device up to 25% faster than other available chargers on the market.

Quick Charging Solution of 25W (Super Fast Charger).

This 45W charger not only charges Samsung devices quickly and at optimal speeds, but is also backward compatible. Utilizing 25W Super Fast Charging technology, it enables users to charge devices such as the Galaxy S21+/Ultra/S20/S20+ up to 25% faster than standard.

6.6FT Fast Charging Cord Type C

This charger features an easy-to-use detachable USB-C to USB-C cable with reversible design for convenient charging from other C type power sources like computers or portable batteries, as well as fast file synchronization and transfer speeds that work perfectly with compatible smartphones or laptops.

Outstanding Safety and Reliability

The 45W Samsung Fast Charger has been designed and rigorously tested to meet the highest safety and reliability standards. Along with built-in safeguards that protect against over-charging or other forms of device damage, CE, FCC, and RoHS certification ensure maximum protection and reliability.

Complete Compatibility Analysis

This charger is suitable for many personal devices, including Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola, Sony, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Microsoft HTC Huawei ZTE etc. So you can be assured your device can be charged with this charger.

What You Get

The 45W Samsung Fast Charger includes two 45 Watt USB-C Super Fast Charging Blocks and two 6.6FT cables from one block to another with a worry-free 12-month warranty for added peace of mind.

Summing up

The 45W Samsung Fast Charger is an ideal solution for mobile device charging needs. Offering superior safety against damage, compatibility with an extensive variety of devices and fast charging speeds – it is the ideal way to stay powered up on the move and remain connected!


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