[2 Packs] Small Portable Charger 5200mAh, PD Fast Charging USB C Power Bank, Cordless Android Phone Charger Battery Pack Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S23/S22/S20, Moto, LG, Google Pixel etc. Review

When it comes to keeping your devices charged while out and about, lightweight yet powerful portable chargers such as the PUG Portable Charger Power Bank can be a fantastic option. Boasting 5200mAh capacity and compact design that fits easily in pockets or purses – as well as features designed to make charging an effortless process – the PUG Portable Charger Power Bank makes for an excellent option.

What Sets This Power Bank Apart?

The PUG Portable Charger Power Bank is extremely lightweight at just 4.3 ounces, so it can easily be brought with you on long days without becoming an additional burden. Plus, with its upgraded extended connector that allows it to remain plugged into devices for charging purposes without constantly needing to recharge, there’s no need to keep plugging it back in every few minutes!

High-Speed Charging

The PUG Portable Charger Power Bank features 15W PD quick-charge technology for fast device recharging. You won’t be left waiting around with a dead battery! PUG Portable Charger Power Bank offers wide compatibility. It works with many Android USB C devices such as Samsung Galaxy phones, LG phones, Google Pixel phones, Motorola phones and True Wireless Earbuds – in addition to Bluetooth headphones, speakers, fitness trackers and smartwatches – though unfortunately not iPhones.

Safety Features

The PUG Portable Charger was built with safety in mind. Featuring a built-in circuit to prevent short-circuiting and overloads, you can safely charge your device while it is being used without risking harm to it. Plus, four LED indicator lights inform you when it is time to recharge.

Things to Consider

The PUG Portable Charger does not come equipped with its own wall charger or USB cable – therefore you must provide them in order to recharge it yourself. Luckily, however, two USB C cables are included along with being compatible with most USB wall chargers.


The PUG Portable Charger Power Bank is an ideal choice for keeping devices charged when traveling. Featuring 15W PD quick-charging technology and safety standards to accommodate most Android USB C devices quickly. Plus it features 15W quick charging for quick convenience!


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