2 Pack Wireless Camera Remote Control – Wireless Remote for iPhone & Android Phones iPad iPod Tablet, Clicker for Photos & Videos Review

The Wireless Camera Remote Control gives you complete freedom and control in taking stunning photographs with your cellular device. This high-quality device can capture images up to 30 feet (10 meters away, so there’s no need to get too close or miss any part of the shot. Perfect for creative photography enthusiasts or simply creating memories together!

Superior Quality

This wireless camera remote control is of exceptional quality. Lightweight and small in size, its low power usage and long working life make it an excellent choice. Furthermore, pairing once will have it recognized automatically every time you use it – perfect for times when setup is time-consuming or when taking precise photos is essential!

Multiple Device Compatibility

This wireless camera remote control is compatible with all iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 6.0 or higher as well as most Androids running 4.2.2 or later – meaning no matter what brand your device may be this wireless remote will work seamlessly! Providing reliable companionship to any of your devices this remote is sure to deliver results!

Extra Features

The Wireless Camera Remote Control boasts several extra features that make it more efficient and convenient. After three minutes of being idle, it automatically goes into sleep mode to conserve power; but you can quickly return online by pressing any camera button or waiting two seconds. Also if the remote is only taking pictures and changing volume levels on your device instead of taking images directly itself, try changing its mobile phone settings and switching over to its volume key instead.


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